Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My future goals.

In the near future, as in when I am forced to move out of my current house, I see my self moving to Texas for college. My goal is to major in english and language. Hopefully, once I graduate college I want to move to New York, to pursue my dream of becoming a journalist. My goal to become a journalist is quite easy. Once I major in English I want to find a small job at first that over all will help me through my next couple years of life until I can move to the places I want to move.
     A goal I would say most people have, is to see the world.  I have been to all seven continents and have seen seven wonders of the world, but I still haven't been able to completely experience it. Unfortunately, when you have a job or go to school there is almost no time to travel, unless you say you have a concussion and get a free two week pass. When I am in college is when I want to travel the most, I won't have children and won't be tied down. All you do is take your work with you and use the money you saved up to go to Paris.
My main goals in life are to experience life for what it is and not regret anything. I don't regret anything that made me smile, so, I regret nothing. Walking around with guilt and regret on your mind all the time isn't how life is supposed to be lived. My biggest goal is to go through life not regretting what happened or what I did, because nothing is better than being crazy with our friends. What are the steps I'm taking to achieve these goals? I'm taking one step at a time and having faith that what happens next will be better than before. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Should then story of Santa Clause be perpetuated among children?

As a young child I loved the idea of there being another world out there that we were just yet to see. I always planned on meeting Santa Clause and at this age, I still claim I saw the Easter Bunny six years ago at my grandparents house, on Easter Eve. When our kids are young, their brains are still in the mindset of believing in whatever their imagination seems to believe is true. Without imagination, children aren't children anymore. If we teach them about how scary our world is and how cruel it can be, they will essentially loose that mindset. I think that letting kids believe in Santa Clause is a good thing. Although it is a lie, I don't see that there is anything wrong with kids loving the idea of a big, fat guy with a long, white beard, sending them presents once a year. I believe it is a great thing for children to believe in mermaids and fairies, or anything else in their imagination because it gives them a since of hope they don't even know exist yet. Happiness is a crucial part to your childhood, and with the thought and hope that there are amazing things in the world, will not set them up for failure, but set them up for a bright future. By giving children hope, they will spread that to their friends and family helping the world, to become a more hopeful place.  Give your kid the imagination and let them do the rest. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Three Things I look Forward to in College

Something I look forward to in college is the independence. Not having your parents around and being able to do what you want is something you really only experience once, considering your probably single and don't have kids. College is the place you experiment new things and completely move on from having that security blanket that your parents will always pick you up after you fall. If your late to class you don't get a tardy you just miss class.  Your parents can not get you out of school anymore, it's just you depending on what your going to do next. Trying to work and go to school is hard but a lot of people do it; I'm excited to see what I end up doing for work. Getting a degree in English or language is what I've always wanted for a long time, and I can't wait to finally have avhieved that.
After I graduate high school, I look forward to hopefully getting a scholarship at Baylor University.  Volleyball is my passion and although I can express that in high school, college is the place I want to achieve and complete my goals, in volleyball.
Another thing I look forward to in college is the fact that I'll be three years away from being done with school, for a lifetime. I struggled with school for a while but I picked my self up and I got back on track. My grades prove how hard I can work and I want to experience that in college. I look forward to going to college and living my life for the meaning it has.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Why names are important.

The name Avery, essentially means wise. I have always loved my name except that it came out of randomness and I was almost named Girl Norwood. If your name has an important meaning, I think that means it will always help you to improve in life and in everything you do. If your name means lazy or boring, you could eventually believe you are lazy or boring.  If I could change my name I wold change it to warrior princess. In Greek, Avery means warrior princess.  The reason I would change my name to this is because I would want it to be what I am remembered as. Rather than the girl who plays volleyball and goes to Manitou High, I'd want be known as the girl that when she puts her mind to something, she can do it. I would want people to ask me what my name is and say, "Wow, that's an amazing name." If nobody had names, we would not have anything to call each other.  Our names eventually define who we are in life and who we will become. The importance of names is that we don't let other people define who we are, and we determine our own lives.  With names we can express excitement when we see our friends or loved ones. Names are important because, we use them seek other people and without that we would literally be complete blank towards each other, leaving everyone s confusion all the time. This is why names are important.