Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Here Be Monsters

A sailor is out in the ocean with his crew when he spots something out of the ordinary. A fourteen foot land goes right past his eyes. He begins to earlier that there are three young boys on the boat. There is nothing there. On the land you can only see the ocean as far out to the horizon. There are no dogs, no soil, barely any coil and rock that has created the actual 1.4 miles of land. The highest elevation is about fifteen feet. The land is complete trash, there's nothing but the three boys there. The ferry comes about once every two weeks. Because the ferry only brings junk food, the obesity and diabetes has become an incredibly large problem. The boys have a small gang that hang out in the club house who drink and smoke and constantly do things that most of the other people wouldn't do. Most people have never and never plan on going off shore. The boys are starting to get out of control and they weren't thinking straight. The boys began to tell a story that was come up with about five or six years ago. The boys a long time ago had attempted to escape their land. They tried to find another place, just any other place they could go, but they failed. The ferry rescued them about five days later. They had run out of gas but still had plenty of food. The elders punished them for ever trying to attempt to runaway or seek a new place. The boys were scared but remebered that rules were meant to be broken. So, they thought it could be an adventure. 

The Man Who Sailed His House (long form)

A Japanese man who is living in Japan with his wife. Their daughter is about twenty-seven, married and has a young boy. He begins to describe how his wife is about sixty years old and has begun to leave the house every morning at seven AM to go half way across town to see their grandchild. His life has just about flipped upside down but at the same time, it's exactly as like it was when they had their girl. He begins to describe his day. It goes just like very other one. It starts off with saying goodbye to his wife and him driving through their gated community for about twenty minutes. Then he goes to work, he says hello to everyone and then he begins cutting wood and shredding all the extra trash. He begins to go through his day and how depressing it is. He says that you have to continue to trust that the cement home you've built over your self will stand it's ground. That it's not going to fall down upon you after you've trusted it for so long to stay up and protect you and your wife and family. All of a sudden he moves into a deep thought. He realizes he's lost it, when he explodes into the air he can see everyone going crazy along with him. Dying, running around and flying like a circus. The earth is spinning and you can't finally see it. He realizes his insanity. 

Story Cubes

A young baby boy was born. His mother was extremely ill from before he was born and long after. For it was so long ago, no one could've known it was cancer that had attacked her body and her brain. She barely survived the pregnancy, much less the birth. Although she did stay along for almost a year after her sons birth, she was beginning to die. She told her boy the world was a cruel place, it's full of terrified people with mask on, it's a small world but yet it was the biggest place he would ever see. She told him not to be afraid of disease or physical danger, she told him he needed to go out and live his life for she saw there was a future for him. She knew he would go farther than anyone. She couldn't see the future but she could feel it. Right before his mother died, she told him to explore, fro there was much more to this world than what he could see. She left him a note for his eighteenth birthday. It said exactly what she told him on her last day. Except, at the end of the note there was a key. A small old, old key. He remembered the way his mother told him to explore for there was much more for him. So, he grabbed his bag, took the note, and took the key.  He set out for the adventure of a lifetime. The adventure his mother always knew he would take.

What was then east aspect of the firsts world weeks of school? What was the most difficult?

The best aspect of the first two week of school for me would have been going to school five days a week. I know most people dread the fact that they have to go to school every weekday and see so many people a week but I personally enjoy it, a bunch. At my old school, The a University School, it was a college prep school, so we only went to school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  On Mondays and Friday's we were homeschooled. We taught our selves those days but, I hated it so much because I'm such a social person that when I'm left at home alone all day working on homework, I just watch tv and go to sleep. It was a terrible habit but I'm to social to just go all day alone. So my definite favorite part was being able to go to school every day of the week. One of my other favorite aspects of the week would be how laid back everyone is. Being at school is not a stressful environment anymore for me. I feel accepted and the people are extremely much nicer than they were at my old school. Probably the most difficult part about the first two weeks was adjusting not going to school all summer and then all of a sudden waking up at six AM. and actually having to put regular clothes on to wear outside of my house. Overall, adjusting was not that difficult, there wasn't anything that was to difficult about coming here.   

Whats not been taught in school that should be?

Something that has not been taught in school that should be is how to do your taxes. We sit in small desk all day with our feet cramping and our eyes barely able to stay awake from boredom because no one could give less about geometry. While I'm sitting here being taught the same thing ever day of every week all year while every single adult I know that graduated from college and have degrees, none of them have ever used geometry. Yet, they all realize that when they got into college and started working, they did not know how to do their taxes and much less know how to run their own bank account. So, rather than learning about the things that have been proven to not exceed or help us in the future, why don't we learn how to do our taxes? Or at least have some type of optional glass of banking and taxes to help prepare us for the future. As teenagers we need to begin learning how to prepare for adulthood. As unfortunate as it is, it is still a very major fact that when we get a job, we have to know how to do our taxes.  After try first year maybe or making your first real income, your out of work without knowing how to put your money in a bank account. Personally, I'm almost sixteen and I have no idea how to do my taxes and I know there's no way my mom or dad will be able to reach me. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Last time I wrote without it bieng an assignment.

    The last time I wrote when something was not assigned would be this summer. I wrote a fictional story about a young boy who had been captured and sent up to space along with many other children. The reason I wrote this story was honestly because I was bored. I did not have any real reason to write it except that I needed something to do for an hour and a half. My true motivation for this story was imagination. I am often a much better writer when it comes to fictional writing. I find it more easy and fun to write about. The differences between writing for my self rather than writing for something that is due in a week, is that when something is due and is going to be graded I am often more stressed about it. When I write for my self I enjoy it more. I am not stressed about something needing to be turned in soon and it doesn't have to be perfect either. When I write for my self it's more peaceful. I seem write so much easier and faster. When I have an assignment due, I am more rushed and out of place. I try to rush myself so that I am not behind which then, coincidentally makes me lower me out of place. When I write for my self I enjoy it so much more, rather than writing for something that was an assignment. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My future goals.

In the near future, as in when I am forced to move out of my current house, I see my self moving to Texas for college. My goal is to major in english and language. Hopefully, once I graduate college I want to move to New York, to pursue my dream of becoming a journalist. My goal to become a journalist is quite easy. Once I major in English I want to find a small job at first that over all will help me through my next couple years of life until I can move to the places I want to move.
     A goal I would say most people have, is to see the world.  I have been to all seven continents and have seen seven wonders of the world, but I still haven't been able to completely experience it. Unfortunately, when you have a job or go to school there is almost no time to travel, unless you say you have a concussion and get a free two week pass. When I am in college is when I want to travel the most, I won't have children and won't be tied down. All you do is take your work with you and use the money you saved up to go to Paris.
My main goals in life are to experience life for what it is and not regret anything. I don't regret anything that made me smile, so, I regret nothing. Walking around with guilt and regret on your mind all the time isn't how life is supposed to be lived. My biggest goal is to go through life not regretting what happened or what I did, because nothing is better than being crazy with our friends. What are the steps I'm taking to achieve these goals? I'm taking one step at a time and having faith that what happens next will be better than before.