Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Man Who Sailed His House (long form)

A Japanese man who is living in Japan with his wife. Their daughter is about twenty-seven, married and has a young boy. He begins to describe how his wife is about sixty years old and has begun to leave the house every morning at seven AM to go half way across town to see their grandchild. His life has just about flipped upside down but at the same time, it's exactly as like it was when they had their girl. He begins to describe his day. It goes just like very other one. It starts off with saying goodbye to his wife and him driving through their gated community for about twenty minutes. Then he goes to work, he says hello to everyone and then he begins cutting wood and shredding all the extra trash. He begins to go through his day and how depressing it is. He says that you have to continue to trust that the cement home you've built over your self will stand it's ground. That it's not going to fall down upon you after you've trusted it for so long to stay up and protect you and your wife and family. All of a sudden he moves into a deep thought. He realizes he's lost it, when he explodes into the air he can see everyone going crazy along with him. Dying, running around and flying like a circus. The earth is spinning and you can't finally see it. He realizes his insanity. 

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