Thursday, October 8, 2015

Last time I wrote without it bieng an assignment.

    The last time I wrote when something was not assigned would be this summer. I wrote a fictional story about a young boy who had been captured and sent up to space along with many other children. The reason I wrote this story was honestly because I was bored. I did not have any real reason to write it except that I needed something to do for an hour and a half. My true motivation for this story was imagination. I am often a much better writer when it comes to fictional writing. I find it more easy and fun to write about. The differences between writing for my self rather than writing for something that is due in a week, is that when something is due and is going to be graded I am often more stressed about it. When I write for my self I enjoy it more. I am not stressed about something needing to be turned in soon and it doesn't have to be perfect either. When I write for my self it's more peaceful. I seem write so much easier and faster. When I have an assignment due, I am more rushed and out of place. I try to rush myself so that I am not behind which then, coincidentally makes me lower me out of place. When I write for my self I enjoy it so much more, rather than writing for something that was an assignment. 

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  1. Assignments suk..... I've got papers from high school still due 💤