Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Here Be Monsters

A sailor is out in the ocean with his crew when he spots something out of the ordinary. A fourteen foot land goes right past his eyes. He begins to earlier that there are three young boys on the boat. There is nothing there. On the land you can only see the ocean as far out to the horizon. There are no dogs, no soil, barely any coil and rock that has created the actual 1.4 miles of land. The highest elevation is about fifteen feet. The land is complete trash, there's nothing but the three boys there. The ferry comes about once every two weeks. Because the ferry only brings junk food, the obesity and diabetes has become an incredibly large problem. The boys have a small gang that hang out in the club house who drink and smoke and constantly do things that most of the other people wouldn't do. Most people have never and never plan on going off shore. The boys are starting to get out of control and they weren't thinking straight. The boys began to tell a story that was come up with about five or six years ago. The boys a long time ago had attempted to escape their land. They tried to find another place, just any other place they could go, but they failed. The ferry rescued them about five days later. They had run out of gas but still had plenty of food. The elders punished them for ever trying to attempt to runaway or seek a new place. The boys were scared but remebered that rules were meant to be broken. So, they thought it could be an adventure. 

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