Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Story Cubes

A young baby boy was born. His mother was extremely ill from before he was born and long after. For it was so long ago, no one could've known it was cancer that had attacked her body and her brain. She barely survived the pregnancy, much less the birth. Although she did stay along for almost a year after her sons birth, she was beginning to die. She told her boy the world was a cruel place, it's full of terrified people with mask on, it's a small world but yet it was the biggest place he would ever see. She told him not to be afraid of disease or physical danger, she told him he needed to go out and live his life for she saw there was a future for him. She knew he would go farther than anyone. She couldn't see the future but she could feel it. Right before his mother died, she told him to explore, fro there was much more to this world than what he could see. She left him a note for his eighteenth birthday. It said exactly what she told him on her last day. Except, at the end of the note there was a key. A small old, old key. He remembered the way his mother told him to explore for there was much more for him. So, he grabbed his bag, took the note, and took the key.  He set out for the adventure of a lifetime. The adventure his mother always knew he would take.

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