Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Whats not been taught in school that should be?

Something that has not been taught in school that should be is how to do your taxes. We sit in small desk all day with our feet cramping and our eyes barely able to stay awake from boredom because no one could give less about geometry. While I'm sitting here being taught the same thing ever day of every week all year while every single adult I know that graduated from college and have degrees, none of them have ever used geometry. Yet, they all realize that when they got into college and started working, they did not know how to do their taxes and much less know how to run their own bank account. So, rather than learning about the things that have been proven to not exceed or help us in the future, why don't we learn how to do our taxes? Or at least have some type of optional glass of banking and taxes to help prepare us for the future. As teenagers we need to begin learning how to prepare for adulthood. As unfortunate as it is, it is still a very major fact that when we get a job, we have to know how to do our taxes.  After try first year maybe or making your first real income, your out of work without knowing how to put your money in a bank account. Personally, I'm almost sixteen and I have no idea how to do my taxes and I know there's no way my mom or dad will be able to reach me. 

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