Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What was then east aspect of the firsts world weeks of school? What was the most difficult?

The best aspect of the first two week of school for me would have been going to school five days a week. I know most people dread the fact that they have to go to school every weekday and see so many people a week but I personally enjoy it, a bunch. At my old school, The a University School, it was a college prep school, so we only went to school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  On Mondays and Friday's we were homeschooled. We taught our selves those days but, I hated it so much because I'm such a social person that when I'm left at home alone all day working on homework, I just watch tv and go to sleep. It was a terrible habit but I'm to social to just go all day alone. So my definite favorite part was being able to go to school every day of the week. One of my other favorite aspects of the week would be how laid back everyone is. Being at school is not a stressful environment anymore for me. I feel accepted and the people are extremely much nicer than they were at my old school. Probably the most difficult part about the first two weeks was adjusting not going to school all summer and then all of a sudden waking up at six AM. and actually having to put regular clothes on to wear outside of my house. Overall, adjusting was not that difficult, there wasn't anything that was to difficult about coming here.   

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  1. Oh yeah high school was the best 6 years of my life!